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Study abroad

The Department of Physics actively promotes European and international study and mobility opportunities for its students.

Would you like to study or intern in another country?

Erasmus offers the opportunity to discover fantastic places, learn a new language and get to know the customs and traditions of a new country, it allows you to acquire skills, abilities and life experiences that are not insignificant and that will allow you to increase your professional, cultural and social background and have a resume that is more highly valued in the world of work and academia.

The Department of Physics promotes student participation in international mobility programs by undertaking periods of study or internship abroad, supported by a monthly stipend, such as:

There is the possibility of viewing the exams approved to students, in previous years, for the Erasmus+ study call. 

The exam packages represent useful information for those who want to undertake this international mobility and will serve as the basis for a personalized teaching plan:

  • Bachelor's Degrees here;
  • Master's degrees here.

We have numerous agreements stipulated with foreign universities (List of host institution agreements) which offer educational paths consistent with those of the Physics Department's Courses of Studies as well as the possibility of stipulating new agreements.

Reference site: here

Esse3 Mini Guide                                

Post-call procedures: here

The Erasmus+ Traineeship allows you to get in touch with the world of work, by collaborating with an international research group you will learn new skills and competences that you can exploit in your professional future.

With a view to strengthening and improving the actions in favor of the internationalization of our Department, we have created a database ( here) capable of providing students with an overview of the various topics that our teachers have in collaboration with their international contacts.

Reference site: here.

To promote and facilitate international mobility experiences, students will be able to take advantage of the welcome, tutoring and assistance services made available by the Department.

The student will be able to receive information on International Mobility Calls, support in identifying the most suitable destination, the training offer of foreign universities, any support for the agreement between the Department and the host institution, the choice of courses and comparison with foreign exams, choice of semester, mentoring, tutoring and assistance with bureaucratic procedures, preparation of the Learning Agreement or Application Form, correct registration of exams and thesis research, prevention of any inconvenience and problems.

If you are returning from International Mobility, hand in the documents necessary for the recognition of the acquired credits.

We have a WhatsApp group in which it is possible to receive all the news on international mobility in real time, just give your consent and your number to the Erasmus departmental tutor via email.

For any information and to receive assistance, just contact the Erasmus Departmental Tutor.

  • For more information click here.

Teachers and Researchers

Teachers and researchers can go abroad, to European and non-European partner universities, to carry out courses and seminars, in order to support the  recruitment action at Unical of students and young researchers, as well as to intensify scientific research, leading to the sharing of experiences in higher education and research (link).

To expand the global network of international contacts, just fill in the appropriate form  and send it via email to the Erasmus Departmental Coordinator or Erasmus Departmental Tutor.